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Dear MEC Members:

In recent months, MEC has received a great deal of interest from members and community stakeholders relating to broadband services in the areas we serve. In many cases, broadband service providers have not kept pace with the demands of consumers, or have even decided to terminate services in several of our communities.

MEC has provided electric service in this area for many years and we understand the challenges our unique region presents to internet service providers. At the same time, Mohave Electric Cooperative understands that inadequate broadband services pose constraints on our members’ quality of life in many ways including educational opportunities, economic development opportunities and simply ensuring that members have service level options at a cost that is fair.

The board of directors has asked that MEC conduct a survey of members to determine interest levels relating to broadband service options in the areas we serve. The cooperative has a long-standing partnership with TWN Communications and has asked that they collect member input beginning March 1st and concluding on April 30th.

It is very important that all members, both residential and business, complete this survey to ensure that your collective wishes are understood by MEC.

This survey information is disclosed only to the cooperative for the purpose of determining member interest in MEC conducting a broadband/internet service feasibility study for our service area.

I encourage all members to make their wishes known. Your co-op and its board are listening and will use your responses to determine how to proceed with this very important service for our communities.


Tyler Carlson, CEO

Mohave Electric Cooperative, Incorporated

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